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Fracking Off California Coast

A recent article in Huffington Post talks about a new development off the California coast. Oil companies are beginning to frack offshore and I can’t imagine beach goers in California are any bit happy with this latest news.

Anthony CanovaFracking has been a big concern throughout the United States on dry land because of the chemicals that are involved in the process and how it can impact drinking water, the environment, etc. With the process now happening off the California coast in the shale beneath the water, you figure these chemicals will surely have an affect on marine life and people looking to catch a few razes off the golden coast.

According to the Huffington Post article, “Fracking fluid can include more than 600 different chemicals, including substances that cause cancer and other health problems in humans and wildlife. In the water, fracking fluid is just dumped into the ocean or transported back to shore and injected underground, where it can contaminate groundwater.” How fracking was allowed off the California coast in the first place is very alarming. It makes you think about the State of California and their agenda. I’m sure financially they are seeing great reward in allowing oil companies to frack along their coast. But the greater impact to the environment and directly to the people should supersede this horrible practice.

“Aging offshore wells may make fracking especially dangerous in California’s coastal waters, where there’s been a decades-old moratorium on new leasing. Shooting highly pressurized fluid down older wells could increase the risk of well failure and the release of oil and chemical-laced fracking fluid into the ocean.” Fracking along the California coast is setting up to be a recipe for disaster. I’m sure we will continue to see an outcry by the public as more time elapses. This topic is still fairly new for the State so we should see more backlash soon.

Theoretical Earthquake Could Impact Coast of California

Anthony CanovaA recent article in the Los Angeles Times talked about the impact that would be felt along the coast of California if a 9.1 earthquake in Alaska were to occur. The earthquake would generate a large tsunami that would create massive flooding and would likely force 750,000 to evacuate low lying areas like Long Beach, Orange County, Marina del Rey among other coastal areas.

California has long been prepared for earthquakes, but not until recently has the threat of a tsunami been taken more seriously. Officials have been considering evacuation routes in coastal cities as well as what areas would be impacted the most. Some areas would be very difficult to evacuate because of the narrow roadways like Balboa Island in Newport Beach. During the summer, California’s beaches are also packed with hundreds of thousands of beach goers. If a tsunami were to hit during these months, it would be increasingly difficult to evacuate people from the shoreline.

The impact of a tsunami on the California coastline could reach more than $10 billion as it would effect commercial real estate, homes, beaches and boats. “A toxic stew of ship debris and fuel and pesticide-laden runoff from flooded farms could take years to clean up.”

It is a good thing that California has began taking the necessary steps to prepare for a disaster. Many people have the mentality that it won’t happen here, but in all likely hood it is only a matter of time before it does. Natural disasters happen every hundred years. With no documented history of a tsunami impacting California, it seems like the state is long overdue.