Google Maps To Include Florida Beaches

Anthony CanovaI came across an article recently on the CBS Miami website that stated Google Maps will be including all of Florida’s beaches on its service starting next year. Google enlisted Visit Florida to capture the States 825 miles of beautiful beaches in 360 degree images. Starting next year, these images will be live for everyone to see. Two people from the Visit Florida team were trained by Google Maps experts in how to capture the pictures. These teams would walk 50 miles in a week taking photos from a backpack that had cameras coming off the top

Anthony Canovaof it. The cameras are very unique in that they have 15 lenses that are shooting at different angles so it can capture “a complete picture of a location. The images are then stitched together into a 360-degree panoramic photo.”

It is great to hear that Florida’s beaches will now be included in high definition for the world to see. Florida has some of the best beaches in the world and it is fitting to see that Google would like to recognize that by providing 360 degree image of the landscape and water.