New Fracking Projects of California Coast

According to an article, Federal regulators are giving the go ahead on three new fracking jobs off the California coast. This is more than what was previously knows, so many people are up in arms, and rightfully so.

Hydraulic fracturing is done by pumping large amounts of water, sand and chemicals into the rock bed to release oil. It is believed that the process is a huge proponent of chemical pollution, which is why there is such an outcry of people saying it should be stopped.

Many people, especially near the coasts of California, believe these rigs performing this function are only a problem that will escalate in the future. People are also uneasy after the 1969 oil platform blowout that harmed beaches, birds and other wild life. The last thing residents and beach goers want is another incident of that magnitude. They also don’t like the fact that certain chemicals are being released into the water in which they swim.

It’ll be interesting to see how this process is done in the future and if it will leave lasting effects on the areas surrounding the rigs.