Rare Oarfish Found on California Coast

Anthony CanovaA giant deep sea oarfish was found off the California coast according to an article.

Oarfish are not commonly seen and are one of the more mysterious fishes, often described in old fisherman tales. They are huge, some at over 50 feet. This oarfish that was found was 18 feet long and was in about 20 feet of water along the California coast.

“Oarfish are very much a mid-water to deep-water species,” Karla Heidelberg, an assistant professor of biological sciences at the University of Southern California’s Wrigley Marine Science Center, told National Geographic in June. “They’re almost never seen in surface waters.” These fish can be found 500 meters under the sea.

It is amazing that one would be seen so close to the surface. I am sure many Californians must have marveled over the fact that a 20 foot worm-like fish happened to make its way towards shore. It makes you wonder what else could be down in the great depths of the ocean. Prehistoric fish of all kinds could be lurking, which is why the ocean is the great unknown, as much of it has yet to be explored.