Shark Washes Up On Shore of Florida Beach

Anthony CanovaAccording to an article on Fox 4 Now, a large five foot shark washed up on the shore of Fort Meyers beach. The site of such a shark prompted vacationers to stay out of the water due to fear. It isn’t all the time that a shark is seen washed up on the beach, so it is very understandable why people would feel nervous about entering the water. Bridget Drake, a vacationer who first spotted the shark said, “Honestly it’s kinda freaky, I’ve never seen a shark up close like that before, only on TV so I really didn’t know how to react.” For most people, sharks are a very mysterious being and many might never see one.

This shark washing up on shore is ironic because of Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week” which was televised the past week. Sharks are being shown and talked about at a very high level as Discovery Channel dedicates a whole week to shows that are all about the species. This year marks the 26th season of the series and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Sharks are so fascinating because they can be so dangerous and are the most feared in the sea.

The ocean is such a vast place with a lot of unknown. From what people can tell, sharks are the most dominating species at the top of the food chain. To see one up close on the shore must be a pretty remarkable experience. I am curious what might have happened to it because you just don’t see something like this everyday.